Ticketmaster Music

The EPAM Team has won Devjam that took place in Hollywood with great idea that came from the Shazam-like application. The team introduced POC that connects a music-content recognition API to Ticketmaster’s Discovery and Commerce API. This allowed users to have suggestions on coming events based on what music they listen in public places.


The most common scenario is you can be listening to music and happen to like a particular song. The application will offer you tickets to see this performing artist in your town or the closest city straight away. Isn’t this great? So, from the moment you like a song up to when you are at the concert or even afterwards, Ticketmaster provides you with the best experience.

The concept is written on Python with use of ACRCloud trial service for music-content recognition that allows to apply robust recognition algorithm quickly and integrate them with Ticketmaster’s APIs.


EPAM team

Ticketmaster for Amazon Echo

This is a voice-based application written for Amazon Echo devices. It allows you to search for events that are taking place around you, or for other events by using keywords. It features convenient navigation. It also provides details of events: place, time, event description. Additionally, it can show you ticket information on a paired mobile device, and let you use Gmail. It supports the RSS newsfeed, which is used for Gossips navigation.


It is written in Java and uses Maven for the build process.

All credential information has been removed from Ticketmaster, so you will need to add your own information before building the application.

Amazon Fire TV

This is a very useful open-source application for browsing events using Ticketmaster’s API. Users can find events based on their predefined location (ZIP Code) on Amazon Fire TV.

The events list appears after searching by keyword, and it is divided into categories. Detailed event info is shown after choosing one item and the user can buy a ticket using a QR-code and look at the venue on a map.

Fire TV

It also gives users the ability to view or listen to event-related Youtube videos, Flickr images and iTunes audios.

Technologies and libraries used: Java, Android SDK, Leanback, GSON, retrofit2, okhttp3, picasso, flickrj-android, QRGen, google services.

Discovery API Slack bot

Back in June we held our mini-hackathon event, aka devjam, in Los Angeles, to a sold-out audience. One of the key topics at the event was bot creation on the Ticketmaster Open Platform.

TMbot is the first bot for Slack that allows you to learn about Ticketmaster events. You can add it to your channel, and anyone on your channel can communicate with the bot.


The bot can find events by using keywords, location or date. If you are a Slack fan, the TMbot is the perfect way to search for entertainment with Ticketmaster without leaving your favorite messenger.

The bot is based on the Discovery API and has been developed with the Botkit library on Node.Js. It is hosted on Heroku. The application is under development, so you are welcome to join.

Discovery API Heatmap

Heatmap representing data from Discovery API.

The Discovery Heatmap fetches every public events from discovery API and refreshes them automatically in the browser every hour.

Events are displayed so the more events are in a location, the more it gets colored. The color scheme begins from a light blue, then purple and when the heat is really high, red.

A user can zoom in and out with the scroll wheel (or finger pinch on a touch screen) and move around the map with mouse drag and drop.

The map is optimised to be displayed in fullscreen. To do so, press the F11 key to activate the fullscreen mode in most modern browsers.

event map

The Ticketmaster API Devjam in Durham, NC!

This year, Ticketmaster will be rolling out more new technology than ever before! We’re taking the show on the road to meet with you, the developer community, to get your feedback on the developer experience we’re building and on the new exciting updates to our APIs!We’ll also get to hack on some cool stuff together From ideas and solutions around delighting fans in mobile moments to mobile SDKs and tools.

Participants will receive Ticketmaster swag and potentially the opportunity to score game or concert tickets (via raffle). More details coming soon.

API Explorer by EPAM team

Ticketmaster API Explorer application will be presented on Devjam. This is very cool open-source application that helps to understand API requests and responses instantly, thanks to the EPAM’s team and such a bright idea introduced for Ticketmaster’s API.


Get access to the API Explorer.


EPAM team

We’re also hiring!

Ticketmaster is constantly on the lookout for top talent in the industry. We actively recruit through career fairs, student organizations, user groups, hackathons and any other method we can think of to locate people that fit into our culture. Beginning in the fall we start looking for candidates to be a part of our summer internship program. We try to identify these individuals by April. As participants in the Devjam that we are sponsoring in January, students will have the opportunity to meet and interact with hiring managers and teams while they are participating. They will also have the opportunity to see what our industry, company and culture is all about.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on February 27, 2016! Happy Coding!

The Ticketmaster Devjam Team

Enhanced Discovery Experience with EPAM

EPAM Team completed POC of the Enhanced Discovery Experience application that is based on the Ticketmaster’s Discovery API. The main idea that was used in the application is to gather all available data from Ticketmaster’s database using public APIs on frequent basis and then perform deep searches directly in this database that allows to make more advanced search requests and receive much more accurate discovery experience.



EPAM team

The technology stack for the POC includes Elasticsearch as database and search engine and Jackson that allows to work with json data in convenient way. The POC also allows to use such features as Fuzzy Search and Synonymous Search that improves the quality and increases the scope of search results.

For the next version the team plans to Akka framework for data crawling and Neo4j graph database that will allow to speed-up the connections and allows to build recommendation engine on top of the solution.

Looking forward to hear more results from awesome EPAM Team.