Try not to make us look bad, OK?

This guide explains how to properly represent the Ticketmaster brand in your sites and apps that use our developer products. Please read and understand this entire guide, and no one will get hurt.

Why, you ask? Because when a brand is diluted by inconsistent use, it becomes less trustworthy in the eyes of users. Simple as that.


You must include a Ticketmaster logo on every page that interacts with the Ticketmaster API or displays the Ticketmaster API data. This includes pages or screens in mobile applications.

Use only the following Ticketmaster logos for branding attribution on your site or in your app at the full size that is provided. Select the logo that best suits the visual design and functionality of your site or app.


The logo should not be the most prominent element or logo on the page, nor the only branding on the page.

Improper Usage

These are the kinds of things we definitely don’t want you to do with the logo.

Verified Tickets

Advertisements, web pages, and partner sites with primary and resale ticketing agreements must include the Ticketmaster Verified Tickets mark.

And now a word from our lawyers … make us look good, or else! Seriously, our trademarks are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws so please use them only as allowed. You may use our trademarks if you’re a Ticketmaster client, sponsor, affiliate, or other authorized user. If you’re not please contact us.

Remember, by downloading and/or using our trademarks you agree to abide by our guidelines.

Please Don’t:

P.S. These guidelines can change without notice and use of our trademarks can be revoked at any time.