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Join the Ticketmaster developer network, build innovative applications, and help us deliver those unforgettable moments of joy to fans everywhere.

Open Source

Open Source

While we finish up the official APIs, SDKs, and widgets, check out the open source offerings we have today.



We have a ton of brilliant minds working on some incredibly challenging problems. Read what they have to say about it on our blogs.

Existing Partners

Existing Partners

Are you an existing partner looking for current developer resources? Look no further!

Partners delight fans with native event discovery and commerce

The Ticketmaster API provides partners with real-time, up-to-date listings for the best in music, sports, theater and family events.

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“Thanks to the APIs, we got an Amazon Echo app integration up and running in about 30 hours at a USC hackathon!”

–Pramod Setlur, API developer

“The Ticketmaster API is really easy to use!”

ArJun Madan, API developer

“The API Explorer is great. It helps me identify if the error is in the API or in my code. Very helpful.”

–Ryan Zhou, API developer