Why has Ticketmaster decided to open up its API?

At Ticketmaster, we see ourselves as the engine that powers unforgetable moments of joy for fans everywhere. That’s our purpose. That’s our promise. We also believe strongly that innovation is fostered best through openness and transparency. Therefore, we’re opening up our data because we want to give you, the developer, the ability to explore its potential beyond what we have already done. We want you to bring those moments of joy to fans through compelling and innovative products powered by our APIs.

How can I reach out to Ticketmaster to discuss a potential partnership opportunity?

Exciting! Please contact us and try to be as specific as you can so we can bring in the right people to have a follow-up discussion regarding this potential opportunity. We should get back to you by email within 48 hours.

How might I use the content that’s made available via the Ticketmaster API?

We want you to be as creative and as innovative as possible with our data. We have tried hard to put as little constraints on you as possible. The only thing we ask you to do is to comply with our Terms of Use.

What is the default quota for API requests?

The default access all applications get is to our Public APIs with a quota of 2 requests/sec and 5000 req/day.


What datasets does the API cover?

The Ticketmaster API offers access to live events, attractions, venues and tickets! The datasets span all North American and International markets. Furthermore, the Ticketmaster API provides data coming from ticketing platforms like TicketWeb, Universe and Front Gate.

What data formats does the Ticketmaster API support?

The Ticketmaster API supports the JSON format only at this time.


Why should I join the Ticketmaster Affiliate Program?

With more than 150K events ticketed each year, Ticketmaster offers unparalleled access to live sports, concerts, theater productions and family events.

If you are looking to build or enhance a user experience in the live event space, Ticketmaster’s superior content depth and technology solutions means greater choice for your users, as well as opportunity to monetize. Not to mention the Ticketmaster brand and our Verified Tickets promise makes us the most trusted, respected brand in live event ticketing. Our affiliate program plays a crucial part of Ticketmaster’s business strategy in finding new audiences for our clients, from industry leaders to small start-ups.

Speaking of monetization, how do I earn money through the affiliate program?

The program compensates partners based on sales delivered (not traffic sent), both in primary and resale channels. Specific rates and terms can be discussed during the onboarding process, but Ticketmaster does not pay commission on primary tickets during the first 24 hours following a public onsale. The Ticketmaster cookie is valid for 30 days, and the TicketsNow cookie is valid for 60 days.

Is the Ticketmaster affiliate program right for me?

The affiliate program is best-suited for websites and apps that can deliver unique buyers to Ticketmaster’s clients, who are looking to drive incremental sales beyond what takes place on Ticketmaster or client websites. If you think you fit the mold, please contact us.

How does the onboarding process work?

Ticketmaster will provide appropriate publishers an API key, or other content tools, to access the Discovery API. You will also need to separately create a publisher account through Impact Radius, our third-party provider who manages our tracking, reporting and payments.

Once you have an affiliate publisher ID, you will wrap destination URLs in an Impact Radius wrapper to ensure proper tracking, so that when you deliver a sale to Ticketmaster or Ticketsnow, you’ll be credited for the purchase. You will be able to receive reporting through the Impact Radius interface, as well as custom reports that can be sent on a daily basis.

Before signing up at Impact Radius, please reach out to us about whether you’re appropriate for the program!

What content and tools will be available to me?

Our Discovery API will provide access to events for sale on Ticketmaster.com and Ticketweb. We can also grant access to our resale API which has all events from our secondary market suite of sites including NFL Ticket Exchange, NHL Ticket Exchange, NBA Tickets Resale Marketplace, and TicketsNow.com, which can also be listed and monetized. Talk to your account manager if you are interested.

But I’d like to actually sell tickets in my own shopping cart. Can I do that?

In most cases, no. Our program largely serves affiliates who can create unique content experiences that complement our clients’ aims and drive incremental traffic to Ticketmaster.com for conversion. Ticketmaster will grant access to our Partner Commerce API for a limited number of partners. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What markets does the Ticketmaster serve?

This program specifically serves the North American market (US & CA). We do have an international program that you can join that serves markets across Europe and beyond. (UK, IE, SE, ES, DE, AT, NL, BE, FR, AU, NZ).

Will I have access to official artist/team creative?

Our content solutions provide high-res images for Ticketmaster.com events, along with all necessary event meta data. You do not have the right to leverage official team and league creative from the various sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) by default, but we may in some cases route specific requests to the league through your account manager.