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We will not be releasing additional versions of the Presence SDK (PSDK). The documentation will remain available for anyone using the PSDK. We encourage all users to migrate to Ignite, our latest SDK platform with brand new features and capabilities. Please reference Ignite for more information.

Ticket Management – Presence SDK

The Presence SDK provides a simple way to add ticket management features in your 3rd party iOS and Android apps:

Features Include:

Presence SDK Screen Views

Sample App

Integration Guides, Release notes

Ticket Purchase – Single Event – Purchase SDK

Enhanced mobile purchasing experience with added benefits to linking to mobile purchase experience:

Features include (same as mobile):

Purchase SDK Screen Views

iOS Purchase SDK latest version: 0.12.1 (Xcode 14.3+, iOS 14.0+, Presence 2.20+) - Apr 7, 2023
Download Purchase SDK Sample App Integration Source Code Quick Start Guide (NEW!)

iOS Purchase SDK latest version: 0.11.5 (Xcode 13.0+, iOS 13.0+, Presence 2.19-) - Oct 5, 2022
Download Purchase SDK Sample App Integration Source Code Purchase 0.3.6 Migration Guide

There have been a number of changes between version 0.3.6 and 0.11.0:

This means if you previously used any of these objects (0.3.6 or earlier), you will now see compiler errors:

Android Purchase SDK latest version: 0.4.1 - Aug 13, 2021