Inventory Status API

The Inventory Status API provides event status for primary Ticketmaster inventory with inventory updates happening near real-time. For given set of universal event IDs (maximum of 1000 per call), expected statuses are: TICKETS_AVAILABLE, FEW_TICKETS_LEFT, TICKETS_NOT_AVAILABLE, UNKNOWN



Access is provided to authorized clients only. Please request access by contacting

Clients will be provided an API key from Ticketmaster which should be added to every resource endpoint call.


Host and API endpoint information

All connections must be made over SSL using https.

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Inventory Status Details [POST]

Retrieve availability status for comma separated list of universal event IDs.


Query Parameters

Parameter Description Type Example Required
events Comma separated list of universal event IDs. Maximum of 1000 universal event IDs. string 17AOv8G6G5rI0S0,1ApZA7pGkdEYAsy Yes
apikey Your API Key string GkB8Z037ZfqbLCNtZViAgrEegbsrZ6Ne Yes

Response structure:

Array of json objects with attributes “eventid” & “status“

  • eventid
  • status

Request Response,1ApZA7pGkdEYAsy&apikey=GkB8Z037ZfqbLCNtZViAgrEegbsrZ6Ne
Status 200
   	eventId: "17AOv8G6G5rI0S0",
   	eventId: "1ApZA7pGkdEYAsy",



Response Description
TICKETS_AVAILABLE Indicates inventory is available for purchase through primary channels.
FEW_TICKETS_LEFT Indicates inventory is limited.
TICKETS_NOT_AVAILABLE Indicates inventory is not available for purchase through primary channels.
UNKNOWN Indicates the event id is invalid or the inventory status is not available for the corresponding event at this time.